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Omniture launches app for the iPhone
September 16, 2008, 10:58 pm
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For those avid SiteCatalyst and iPhone users, Omniture has just released the SiteCatalyst for iPhone now available on the iTunes app store. This enables online marketers who are on-the-go to take SiteCatalyst with them anywhere they’re traveling-at the airport, at home, in the car (pulled aside to the shoulder of course), or wherever their iPhone receives a signal.

This new application builds upon the mobile analytics capabilities we announced in July as part of the latest Omniture SiteCatalyst release, which also enables marketers to access their SiteCatalyst bookmarks and dashboards through their mobile device HTML browser.

The mobile analytics capabilities in SiteCatalyst helps online marketers to better understand their mobile audience, such as the specific devices hitting their site, the type of video & audio support with these devices, as well as cookie and javascript support. These reports are critical to understanding the makeup of the mobile audience as the lack of industry standards has traditionally made it more difficult to accurately analyse mobile traffic.

These innovations in SiteCatalyst now provide web and mobile marketers the ability to effectively measure key metrics such as revenue per mobile device (How much is the Blackberry contributing to direct ecommerce sales?), shopping cart adds (Are iPhone users converting at higher rates than T-Mobile Sidekick users?), as well as develop content strategies such as video formats to include on the site (Which video codecs are most supported across all mobile devices hitting our site?) and audio content (Which ringtones formats should we offer for download?).

Much like what Apple has done with PC’s, laptops, and MP3 players, the iPhone has certainly changed the landscape and dynamics in the mobile phone industry. This means your customers will soon be engaging your site in ways you may not have predicted.

Don’t let these changes give your competitors a new advantage over you-learn what SiteCatalyst can do to help you better serve your (mobile) customers. As our good friend Heraclitus stated “The road uphill and the road downhill are one and the same.” Just make sure that hard uphill journey is the one your competition takes, while your understanding of your mobile customers enables you to coast downhill to online success.

Will Scully-Power
Data Director


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