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M&C Saatchi/ Mark are looking for seasoned leaders to drive the development of their client’s data marketing strategy and use of analytics to make informed marketing decisions.

These indivduals must be strategic thinkers with the ability to generate actionable customer insight based on metrics. They will be responsible for tracking key business metrics for online user behavior, email campaigns, sponsor campaign and feature performance.

The ideal candidates will be those who loves to use numbers to identify trends to make actionable recommendations. Successful candidates will offer a strategic perspective, sound business judgment, deep analytical capabilities, and a collaborative working style. They will possess strong intellectual curiosity, and a passion for achieving practical business impact.

Responsibilities Include:

Work with management to develop a comprehensive web analytic and effectiveness strategy and identify the appropriate measurement and data analysis infrastructure

Define, track, and report on key business metrics and customer behaviors such as feature penetration, user behavior patterns, site flows and traffic patterns to drive customer-centric decision-making process

Identify and measure key performance metrics for user behavior and marketing effectiveness (user growth, engagement, abandonment, campaign ROI, segmentation).

Track, analyse and optimise marketing communication (organic search, paid search campaigns, e-mail campaigns, display ad campaigns, buzz) from initial entry into the web site through to the desired action

Become a consultative resource for all teams within the company assisting product marketing, product strategy, and traffic acquisition through Web Analytics, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ROI

Provide continuous education and training, evangelising use of web effectiveness measurement throughout the company

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Check out where you will soon be working: https://willscullypower.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/mc-saatchi-mark-preparing-our-new-home/

Send CV and Cover Letter to:

Will Scully-Power
Data Director
M&C Saatchi / Mark
(02) 9016 1682



Latest stats from Apple
January 12, 2009, 8:21 pm
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The most interesting thing here is that  – iTunes sales are no longer accelerating even with the launch of the iPhone. Is the market finally saturated?

It’s an annual tradition. Every year at Macworld, Apple releases a smattering of stats that gives a peek at how its business is doing. At this year’s Philnote (Phil Schiller gave the speech instead of Steve Jobs), which was Apple’s last Macworld appearance, the stats were few and far between. A few morsels for the information-starved Apple faithful (and investors). But here they are:

  • iTunes has now sold six billion songs (it crossed the 5 billion mark last June).
  • Over 10 million different tracks are available on iTunes.
  • Starting today, 8 million songs are DRM-free, and all 10 million will be DRM free by the end of March.
  • There are now over 75 million accounts on iTunes linked to credit cards.
  • In fiscal year 2008, Apple sold 9.7 million Macs
  • Mac sales grew twice as fast as the overall PC market.

Why sometimes your Google Ads don’t appear? – Impression Share
January 12, 2009, 8:15 pm
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I came across this post this morning which goes to explain the concept of Impression Share i.e. the percentage of the time that your ads were displayed to people who entered search queries which match your keywords (at their specified match types).

100 minus Impression Share is the percentage of the time your ads didn’t run when you thought they would.

If your campaigns are profitable, the missing impressions are missing profit. Who can afford missing profit these days?

More: http://www.clickequations.com/blog/2009/01/google-adwords-impression-share/

AdMob tracks downloads for Apple iPhone App Store
January 12, 2009, 1:02 am
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Mobile ad network AdMob has begun tracking downloads for iPhone applications in a bid to increase the data available for advertisers.

AdMob’s Download Tracking allows advertisers to monitor the conversion rates of consumers who click on an ad that leads to a download from the App Store.

Early findings from AdMob show that free apps have a conversion rate of 10%, with paid for apps averaging around 1%. The average acquisition cost for a free app is less than $1. AdMob

Sites with the highest conversion rates – what can we learn?
January 12, 2009, 12:46 am
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In November, almost one-third (30.6 percent) of all visitors to ProFlowers.com made a purchase—the highest conversion percentage among all retail websites, according to Nielsen.

Metrostyle (23.6 percent conversion rate), QVC (21.6 percent conversion rate), Office Depot (21.6 percent conversion rate), L.L. Bean (21.5 percent conversion rate), Tickets.com (20.1 percent conversion rate), Blair.com (18.9 percent conversion rate), Lands End (18.4 percent conversion rate), 1800flowers.com (17.8% conversion rate) and The Sportsman’s Guide (16.8 percent conversion rate) rounded out the top 10.

Top online retailers in 10 key product categories, ranked by purchases and customer numbers in November, are below.

Apparel and accessories

•    eBay, 4,393 (purchases), 1,659 (customers)
•    J.C. Penney, 988, 812
•    Victoria’s Secret, 695, 591
•    Lands End, 531, 472
•    Old Navy, 521, 464


•    Amazon, 2,313, 1,846
•    DirectGroup Bertelsmann, 872, 657
•    eBay, 862, 467
•    Best Buy, 233, 194
•    Wal-Mart Stores, 198, 178

Home and garden

•    Amazon, 1,456, 1,186
•    eBay, 1,058, 666
•    J.C. Penney, 784, 654
•    QVC, 480, 372
•    Target, 429, 382

Office supplies

•    Office Depot, 1,387, 757
•    VistaPrint, 865, 712
•    Staples, 438, 325
•    Hewlett Packard, 146, 139
•    eBay, 140, 97


•    Avon, 467, 391
•    Amazon, 439, 388
•    Sephora, 425, 349
•    eBay, 405, 277
•    QVC, 363, 246

Consumer electronics

•    Amazon, 1,040, 916
•    eBay, 878, 571
•    Wal-Mart Stores, 410, 381
•    AT&T, 371, 290
•    Apple Store, 344, 288

Computer software

•    Symantec, 319, 309
•    McAfee, 289, 246
•    Amazon, 184, 168
•    eBay, 86, 67

Jewelry and watches

•    eBay, 1,160, 340
•    QVC, 271, 204
•    Overstock.com, 179, 157
•    Amazon, 132, 113
•    HSN.com, 122, 77


•    Amazon, 4,203, 3,252
•    eBay, 1,378, 693
•    Barnes & Noble, 768, 646
•    ChristianBook.com, 120, 106
•    Alibris, 118, 102

Toys, games and hobbies

•    eBay, 4,118, 1,489
•    Amazon, 2,146, 1,694
•    Wal-Mart Stores, 1,003, 825
•    Toys ‘R’ Us, 535, 482
•    Target, 441,396

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