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WPP to invest $25 million in Omniture!
January 29, 2009, 8:49 pm
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This by far will be the deal of the year if not the decade!!

Its all about control of the advertisers DATA!!!!!!

WPP the world leader in communications services and Omniture, the leading provider of online business optimisation, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide clients with more-effective insights globally across both digital and traditional media channels.

As part of this partnership, WPP is making a long-term $25 million investment in Omniture common stock. 

The two companies will collaborate on technology development, on sharing data and information and in consulting services. The collaboration will focus on providing chief marketing officers and other marketing executives at clients, with greater consumer insights, supported by new technology.

This will allow marketers to increase their revenue and profit returns from online marketing and to manage and optimize their overall marketing expenditures. 

“The partnership is a reflection of WPP and Omniture’s shared commitment to providing actionable, media-channel agnostic recommendations – informed by data and supported by technology – to the world’s largest brand owners,” said Mark Read, Director of Strategy, WPP, and CEO, WPP Digital.

“It continues WPP’s and Omniture’s strategy of partnering with and integrating proprietary information and technologies with third-party platforms, for the maximum benefit of our clients.” 

Full Story: http://www.wpp.com/wpp/press/press/default.htm?guid={95c8f6e7-7bf8-4ba6-81d7-d373fff937af}

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