Will Scully-Power

How to measure consumers who are calling your call centre whilst on your site


This is very very cool. For ages this metric has alluded us marketers. 

Here’s a tracking tool from New Call Solutions™ that will show you which keyword terms produce phone calls from your website.

20-60% of online searches result in an offline response (research varies on this percentage, but suffice it to say a lot of people call directly from the website) – when someone goes to your website in many cases they’ll pick up the phone and call to speak with a live person offline if you make a phone number available to them.

Most businesses completely overlook how important these phone calls are to their profitability, and they have no idea how to identify which search terms result in a phone call.

If you’re selling directly online you can measure shopping cart sales, but how do you know how many calls come to your business through your website and convert to offline sales? This is particularly valuable information to know if your site is designed for lead generation.

This is an elusive metric that New Call Solutions™ has figured out how to measure with their dynamic tracking script.

All of the metrics available through Google Analytics and similar tracking software systems account for online activity like clickthroughs, bounce rates, page views, goal pages, and on, and on – but there is tremendous gap that’s being missed – offline conversion.

More: http://www.webanalyticsworld.net/2009/02/which-clicks-lead-to-phone-calls-take.html


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