Will Scully-Power

How long to run a multivariate test?


I came across this great little calculator from Hi-Conversion today.

If you’re looking to run a multivariate landing page test and want to know how long you’ll need to get a statistically relevant sample size, then have a play with this simple online calculator.

More: http://www.hiconversion.com/ajax/public/test-duration-calculator-for-adaptive-multivariate-test.htm


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If anyone here is wondering what a multivariate test is then I shall explain. First let me start with A/B testing. A/B testing is basically your before and after scenario. You test variate A and compare it to variate B. Now to multivariate testing. This starts with variates A,B,C,D then is compared to W,X,Y,Z. This may be confusing just don’t over think it.

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