Will Scully-Power

Real-time analytics with real-time alerts

Check out some of the new apps over at Chartbeat. Very cool real-time analytics with alerts. I wonder when Woopra when announce something similar?

When will Google Analytics become real-time and provide alerts for its millions of users?

Hat off to the chaps over at Chartbeat – beating them to the game! Well done.

Traffic and uptime alerts

Traffic alerts: Set chartbeat to alert you when your traffic exceeds (or falls below) your monthly average, maximum or minimum. Know instantly if a popular website links to you and react faster to the spike.

Uptime alerts: chartbeat reports when your site is slowing down or is unreachable.

User load time: View and receive alerts about the actual load time that your users are seeing (using javascript).

Alerts are both e-mail and SMS (max 150 SMS per month).

Real-time dashboard

Where we differ: Most services stop after an alert, leaving you alone in the dark. Chartbeat offers a real-time dashboard that shows how many people are on your site at any given moment, where they are, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing.

Social metrics: chartbeat constantly receives information about your users and we show you if they’re reading, writing or idle. We also monitor twitter and blogs for comments about your brand.

Historical trends

Lots of charts: Gain insight about your site’s responsiveness and popularity over time. We show all your real-time dashboard data in data-packed charts.

Dashboard replay: Double click any point in a chart and be taken to a replay of what your website dashboard looked like at that time.

Twitter history

Social zeitgeist: Track arbitrary search terms in twitter. Monitor your website name, url, or anything else you’d like. As a fun experiment, the graph to the left shows that love is 4 times more popular than hate on twitter.

Website widgets

Real-time routing: Give your users real-time information about the page they’re on. We have widgets that also report your most popular pages, and information about recent visitors.


Build your own: chartbeat is completely built on top of our API. We’ve exposed and documented all of it so that you can build whatever you’d like with your data.

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