Will Scully-Power

Second generation analytics


On-demand behavioral analytics provider Quantivo recently announced a product to integrate with Omniture’s Web analytics solution SiteCatalyst.

Whereas Omniture tracks the number of visitors to a company’s Web site, Quantivo’s integration product, which Chief Executive Officer Brian Kelly calls “the adapter,” will help SiteCatalyst users make sense of the identities of those visitors.

In doing so, companies can better understand customer behavioral patterns — based on Web-site visits, transactions, marketing responses, and other events — and improve the targeting accuracy of marketing messages and on-site recommendations.

According to Kelly, trends in online customer behaviors are emerging, changing, and disappearing so quickly that companies now demand a solution that can handle a sudden influx of data and quickly turn that data into something meaningful.

“Big massive trends develop and diminish within a week,” Kelly says. “You don’t have time for some Ph.D. statistician to build a predictive model. [Oftentimes], it’s not something you can predict.”

In other words, while historical transaction data (and common sense) may help predict that sweater sales rise in the winter, that information is of little use for a retailer hoping to foresee which color will be most popular.

More: http://www.linkedin.com/news?actionBar=&sik=1243508631845&aIdx=0&articleID=38491000

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