Will Scully-Power

Start being intelligent about your marketing & advertising… it’s not that hard!!!


The three primary channels of direct digital marketing — email, the Web (e.g. eCommerce and onsite targeting technology), and mobile — are extremely effective for communicating with customers and providing them with relevant content designed to help them make a purchase.

Traditionally, each channel is treated separately within its own silo, with marketing resources and personnel aligned accordingly. In other words, the email team runs the email marketing, the website team runs the website, and the mobile team is responsible for mobile marketing.

Overlap between the channels is rare for marketing organisations (thus the burgeoning cottage industry of attribution modeling). However, frequent channel overlap is a standard practice for consumers, who bounce from an email offer to the Web for some research to mobile for instant alerts and other time sensitive information.

Using the pillars of direct digital marketing — specifically onsite targeting and email marketing — in a complementary way more aligned with how consumers behave promises substantial new segmentation opportunities and plenty of low hanging fruit for marketers.

Creating marketing campaigns around those new segments improves customer engagement, increases conversions, and positively affects other important metrics for e-retailers like RPV (revenue per visitor).

More: http://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/article.php?id=1303&na=1


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