Will Scully-Power

The Death of Last Click Attribution & Its Impact

Click Attribution

If you asked a marketing manager what the result of their campaigns is, everyone would want to take credit for the wins. The issue is attribution modeling and being able to assign credit in multi-channel programs. How do you know you have the right metrics in place to put the right resources into the funnel?

They don’t expect to give us an answer today, but there’s a lot of solid work being done in attribution modeling. How do you coordinate systems and data for attribution modeling. How do you do testing to see the impact of what you’re doing on the conversion funnel? And one overlooked issue they’ll try to approach is governance.

Is paid search overrated and what are the panelists’ organizations doing around attribution modeling. Gary starts by saying if you go back to John Wannamaker’s quote, the traditional ad industry has been rife with wastage. The strategy is to target ad dollars on perceived targets but they’re not always the right ones.

About 15 percent of media investment is in digital. Forrester also expects the number to go to 25 percent in the next few years, but Gary thinks that’s an underestimation. Last click measurement may lead to poor investment decisions and slow the digital investment. Paid search is getting too much or too little credit.

More: http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/archives/2009/08/last-click-is-dead.html


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