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The current state of online marketing and its measurement
November 9, 2009, 12:41 am
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Online business optimization firm Omniture commissioned Forrester consulting to research the current state of online marketing and its measurement. The study evaluated how well marketers were maturing their approach to online marketing.

What is their approach to online programs? What skills are marketing executives prioritizing now and in five years? What challenges inhibit further advancement? And what technologies, if any, do they rely on to help with online marketing management?

Download NOW: http://www.cmo.com/sites/default/files/OmnitureTLP_FINAL_8_3_09.pdf


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That is a nice post and a very interesting report.

A couple of things do pop in my head though;
namely, i look at who commissioned the report and think to myself how relevant this report is for them now that they have a sugar daddy. Their marketing suite was not profitable and will be interesting to see what Adobe does there. Pretty sure Genesis has been culled already.

Another thing, which to the detriment of marketers today is; the increasing reliance on dev (broadly meaning technical ppl 🙂 to make these magical systems run smoothly even though they are built for “marketers”

A follow on from the above, I like the visibility with the report highlighting process issues.

My 2 cents: The maturity of marketers to understand BPM (outside of industries traditionally driven by data) with incorporating these systems is where I would see the most benefit if I was a data vendor.

In my experience (only a perspective, not significant 🙂 this is something that has largely been ignored.

Leads to some interesting conversations when your marketing department is the project owner/sponsor but can’t do anything because it is tied up/reliant with a development process independent of their own procedures 🙂

tks, and an awesome blog 🙂

Comment by narbeh

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