Will Scully-Power

Eyetracking data without the use of eyes

Eye tracking studies can be a very valuable tool that can help identify significant problems with your website or landing page. Unfortunately, eye tracking requires expensive and specialised hardware and software to be used, and live test subjects to observe and measure.

Not any more. Welcome AttentionWizard.com – using behavioural (click + scroll) data which can be used to simulate where people will look during the first few seconds of interacting with your site and create a detailed attention heatmap of your landing page.

Very cool. Now being able to score that data and trigger off automated communications i.e. email, dm, sms etc as a result would be very very nice.

More: http://sitetuners.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/attentionwizard-eye-tracking-without-the-eyes/


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Thanks for the write-up of our AttentionWizard.com product.

I just wanted to make a quick correction – we are not using any kind of behavioral data (click+scroll).

This service is a software simulation that predicts where people will look. It can be used instantly with any live screen-shot, or even with in-progress design concepts or mock-ups to identify potential visual problems and fine-tune them.

Warmest regards,

Tim Ash – CEO, SiteTuners.com

Comment by Tim Ash

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