Will Scully-Power

FREE: 31 Conversion Optimisation Tips

Here are 31 fantastic optimisation tips from the Widerfunnel Conversion Optimisation Blog.

  1. Have you tested your Call-to-Action on right vs. left side of the page?
  2. What are the top 3 components of your Value Proposition? Are they immediately obvious on your landing page?
  3. Have you tested adding credibility indicators to your website; testimonials, reviews, awards, stats
  4. Can your landing page be any more specific? Can you drive to a product page instead of category page?
  5. How can you reduce Distraction on your pages? How many links can you eliminate?
  6. Improve Clarity with larger product images on your category pages
  7. How many options does your product have? Can it be reduced to one or two?
  8. Increase Clarity with high contrast text on white background
  9. Is your privacy policy increasing Anxiety? Can it be shortened?
  10. Your customer buys emotionally and defends the purchase rationally. Get her excited.
  11. Your privacy policy link should not open a new page. Try a popup.
  12. You don’t sell features. You sell solutions to problems. Value Proposition is relative.
  13. Have you tested embedding lead generation forms on the page vs. new page vs. popup form?
  14. Have you tested swapping right column with left? Worked for BabyAge.com
  15. Do you have large blocks of white copy on dark background? Try black text on white
  16. Can you move optional form fields to the Thank You page with additional benefit for filling them?
  17. Try replacing rotating offer banners with static images and value proposition copy
  18. Do your images have “action captions”? Include your CTA link
  19. Do your category pages include relevant & easy filters?
  20. Have you tested a two-column vs. three-column layout?
  21. Have you tested removing the navigation bar from landing pages?
  22. How strong is your CTA scent trail? Your key terms through the funnel should match.
  23. Do your landing page headlines match the words in your PPC ads?
  24. Select testimonials to support each product page’s main value proposition points.
  25. Does your home page offer visitors self-segmentation to increase funnel Relevance?
  26. Category pages offer huge opportunities. Try list vs grid view.
  27. Test category images vs. subcategory images on store pages
  28. Have you tested animation vs. static content. Worked for Hair Club
  29. Have you tested a Big Orange Button? We call him BOB. He works hard.
  30. Test a “factual” approach vs. an “emotive”. Worked for Sytropin
  31. Test Calls to Action; Order Now vs. Get a Quote vs. Instant Quote, etc.

More: http://www.widerfunnel.com/conversion-rate-optimization/31-conversion-optimization-tips-and-counting


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I’m glad you like the tips, Will. There are more posted every day at http://twitter.com/chrisgoward

Comment by Chris Goward

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