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Google Turns on re-targeting
March 28, 2010, 6:46 am
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Google has launched what it calls ad “retargeting.” If someone visits a page on an advertiser’s own site or YouTube channel, Google can now show a related follow-up ad to just that person when they visit another site which shows Google ads.

Since there are millions of sites in the Google Content Network, chances are Google will see them again.

The program has been in beta since March, but it is now being rolled out to all AdWords customers.

More: http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/25/google-ads-follow/


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I think this announcement can only mean good things for advertisers and consumers alike. Retargeting will help advertisers better target their audience and manage their campaigns much more efficiently, while consumers will now be exposed to promotions and discounts for products that they’re interested in and can actually use. And to answer concerns about privacy or “annoying” the customer, as long as you use tools like frequency caps this can be avoided. Overall, I think it’s a win-win.

I’d like to make the point, though, that retargeting isn’t new, it’s just new to Adwords. The fact that Google is now utilizing this marketing technique just validates that it works. But it’s also important to note that Google’s content network for display ads is only the 6th largest so it’s important for advertisers to run across multiple networks. (See a recent case study on this: http://bit.ly/aAhAFm)

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