Will Scully-Power

Data Usage Best Practices & Data Definitions Handbook
June 21, 2010, 5:30 am
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Advertising is a vital component of online media. Advertising, and more specifically interactive advertising, funds content creation and distribution and allows for a richer media experience for the consumer. How is interactive advertising able to provide relevant ads and tailored content?

Data. Data, information about online events or user activity, has created new opportunities and corresponding challenges.

Although consumer data has been collected offline for decades by catalog companies, direct marketers and other advertisers to create targeted advertising, information about online user activity is a relatively new and very promising resource.

As the value of collecting, aggregating and analyzing data has become more broadly realized and the technology used to collect data has become more sophisticated, new questions have arisen in the industry.

Who may collect data, how data can be used, how to compensate for the transfer of data and how to continue to protect consumer privacy are among the most pressing industry issues.

Consumer concerns regarding data collection are considered paramount by the interactive advertising industry. Although the interactive advertising industry is resolutely committed to consumer protection, consumer protection is not the focus of this document.

For detailed information regarding consumer privacy, please see the IAB Privacy Principles, OBA Privacy Principles and the IAB’s “Privacy Matters” campaign.

Download Now: http://www.datarati.com.au/index.php/featured-posts-on-main-page/data-usage-best-practices-and-definitions/


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