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HOW TO: Score your customer & prospect behaviour?
August 12, 2010, 4:56 am
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An effective lead scoring process means passing fewer, but higher quality, leads to sales. And as sales focuses their time on higher quality leads they get more wins and revenue increases.  In addition to scoring basics such as demographics, activity and BANT, the white paper Are They Hot or Not? highlights other things that you should considering while building your initial scoring matrix:

  • Lead Score: This is the lead score for each prospect. It’s the sum of the individual scores for each activity your prospect has acted upon.
  • Company Score: If you receive multiple leads from the same company,you might want to bump those leads up by a certain amount. Company score can also be the total scores of the contacts in the company.
  • Product Score: Have different scores for each product line, since the buyer’s interest will vary based on source and behaviors.
  • Score Decay: If your prospect hasn’t had any activity for a certain period of time, say two weeks, and then you might want to automatically deduct points.
  • Recycle: After sales follow‐up, some prospects may be determined to not really be sales‐ready, because of changes in internal budgeting, management, etc. These prospects should be returned to marketing for additional nurturing.

Make an impact on your sales productivity and your company’s revenue through effective lead scoring.  Get the white paper now.


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