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Meet Anthony Goldbloom, CEO of Kaggle.com
September 3, 2010, 2:31 am
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Sydney Data Miners Next Event:

Monday 13 September 2010
Upstairs at the City Hotel in Sydney CBD.

Data prediction competitions: more than just a bit of fun
Presentation Overview:
Kaggle is a global platform for data prediction competitions allowing companies to post their problem and have it scrutinised by the world’s statisticians and computer scientists. By exposing a problem to a wide range of analysts and techniques, data prediction competitions turn out to be great way to get the most out of a dataset, given its inherent noise and richness. For example, Kaggle has been running a bioinformatics competition requiring participants to pick markers in HIV’s genetic sequence that predict a change in viral load (a measure of the severity of infection). Within a week and a half, the best submission had already outdone the best methods in the scientific literature.
Anthony is the Founder and CEO of Kaggle Pty Ltd, a global platform for data prediction competitions. In addition to founding and building Kaggle, Anthony continues to consult to hosts of Kaggle competitions to help them frame modeling tasks, to get the best out of the new platform. Before Kaggle, Anthony was a macroeconomic modeller for the Reserve Bank of Australia and before that the Australian Treasury. In these roles, Anthony built and maintained macroeconomic models of Australia’s economy,  helping to improve forecasting and to model the economic effect of changes in policy parameters. Anthony graduated with first class honours in econometrics at the University of Melbourne. He has published in The Economist magazine and the Australian Economic Review.
DOWNLOAD KAGGLE STORYhttps://willscullypower.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/kaggle-info.pdf

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