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Marketo Delivers the Next Evolution of Marketing Automation
September 23, 2010, 2:00 am
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Revenue Cycle Explorer Provides the Visibility to Measure, Understand, Optimise and Predict Revenue Performance over Time

Marketo just announced the general availability of the company’s latest marketing automation innovation, Revenue Cycle Explorer.

Revenue Cycle Explorer is a key addition to Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics, a family of marketing analytics solutions that combines powerful software with a unique methodology to make it easy to measure, understand, optimize and predict the revenue cycle. With this release, Marketo once again demonstrates the innovation and leadership that is driving the evolution of marketing automation.

To learn more about the challenges of marketing measurement and what marketers really need in a marketing analytics solution, download the new whitepaper from industry analyst David Raab, “Winning the Measurement Marathon.”

Powerful and Easy Marketing Analytics

Unlike other marketing automation solutions that just provide operational, point-in-time reporting, only Marketo offers a family of analytic solutions with a deep understanding of how marketing investments today influence revenue over time. Revenue Cycle Analytics empowers marketers to measure how leads move through the revenue cycle over time to become customers; understand which marketing programs drive conversion and velocity of leads at each stage of the revenue cycle; and optimize their entire marketing mix to focus investment on lead generation and lead nurturing activities that have the greatest impact on revenue. The result is that marketing and sales professionals can accurately predict and accelerate revenue at every stage of the end-to-end revenue cycle.

“Business marketing today is like running a marathon through an earthquake,” said industry analyst Raab in the whitepaper, “Winning the Measurement Marathon”. “Not only must marketers strain at an inherently difficult task, but they’re doing it as the ground shifts beneath their feet … Marketers need better tools to decide which of the many available opportunities they should pursue. Measuring the value of marketing programs has always been difficult. But running in an earthquake is hard enough without also wearing a blindfold. Marketers need a clear view of their results to have any hope of winning the race.”

“Despite time and effort invested in capturing and measuring marketing programs and lead generation activities, we have not been able to understand how it all ties together,” said Sally Lowery, director of Demand Generation for Bronto Software, Inc. “With Revenue Cycle Modeler, we visually describe our processes that define how leads flow through our revenue cycle.  With this baseline understanding, Revenue Cycle Explorer allows us, for the first time, to truly understand and demonstrate how lead generation and lead nurturing activities trend over time and how they impact revenue.”


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