Will Scully-Power

I Just Bought A Marketing Automation Database, Now What?
December 8, 2010, 3:42 am
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One of the biggest challenges facing our customers is content.

It’s not creating it, almost all our customers have plenty of it.

The problem is taking the time to sit down and map their existing content to different buyers role throughout the prospect and/or customer lifecycle.

For example, as we market and sell the Marketo marketing automation database solution, we know there are multiple stakeholders within the prospect and/or customer lifecycle.

Typically, there is the Marketing Director, Sales Director and more and more commonly today, the Chief Financial Officer. Why is the CFO involved in buying marketing automation software you may ask? Well, the CFO wants to know how our solution is going to help him or her predict revenue generation for their organisation based on historical campaign trending data.

With that said, we need to have automated triggered messages that target each of these stakeholders throughout this lifecycle.

So let’s say that our sales cycle is 6 months for selling Marketo (from anonymous web visitor to closed/won customer).

The Marketing Director first starts on Google searching for “Marketing Automation Database”.

As a result they click on one of our organic links and come to our site. They then fill out a web form and download Gartner’s latest research report on vendors in the marketing automation space.

We firstly want to score this behaviour. Then we want to see what other behaviour they displayed or content they engaged with on that particular visit. So let’s say they also looked at our pricing page.

But then what? How are we going to continue the conversation in an automated way?

This is what we call automated content marketing.

So where do you begin?

1.) Develop personas.

2.) Map a timeline of content to those persona(s).

3.) Build this into your marketing automation solution.

4.) Test & Optimise

Today, I was please to see one of our customers here at Datarati in the boardroom taking action on step 1.

Well done to the crew at Saasu.com, for leading the way in truely becoming Datarati-Driven marketers. So awesome to see!

Remember this: Action = Outcomes.

Download this FREE whitepaper NOW: Don’t Buy Marketing Automation and Let it Collect Dust!

Additional Resources: http://www.marketo.com/b2b-marketing-resources/category/best-practices/content-marketing



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