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Event: Marketo User Group in Sydney
January 21, 2011, 2:25 am
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We are having our next Marketo user group meeting on Friday 11 February 2011 (9am- 10.30am) here at Datarati (Level 1, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney) – Next to David Jones.

This is for your opportunity to learn and get the most VALUE possible from Marketo.


– Datarati Update (15mins) – Will Scully-Power, Managing Director at Datarati
– Marketo Product Update & Best Practices (30mins) – Michael Loop, Marketing Automation & CRM Director at Datarati
– Marketo Customer Presentation (30mins) – Veronica Holmes, Marketing Communications Manager at Integrated Research.
– Questions & Answers (15mins – ALL)
– Open Discussion & Networking

We’ll have breakfast and coffee for ALL!

I am very please to announce that our very first customer, Veronica Holmes the Marketing Communication Manager at Integrated Research will present.

Presentation Summary:

With a focus on complete visibility into digital marketing channels and to improve marketing integration with sales teams, we have had some interesting experiences over the past year with our Marketo and Salesforce.com implementation. This session will focus on some of the challenges we faced, the solutions we used to overcome them, and the results we’ve seen so far from the Marketo/Salesforce.com integration on our ability to measure our campaigns and track sales follow-up.

During the session you’ll learn how Integrated Research manages:

– Inbound lead capture, lead scoring and assignments
– Google AdWords tracking
– Tracking and improving lead follow-up – activity tracking and dashboards
– Lead status and recycled lead campaigns

I hope you can all make it!!!


Will Scully-Power
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Datarati is a data-driven marketing automation, analytics and optimisation company providing actionable insights to improve campaign performance and ROI.



Kaggle to host world’s largest data mining competition
January 21, 2011, 1:43 am
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Starting in early April, Kaggle will be hosting the world’s biggest-ever data mining competition – the$3m Heritage Health Prize. The Heritage Provider Network (HPN) is a network of affiliated medical groups and physicians that is dedicated to helping solve a critical issue facing the United States: how to improve the quality of healthcare while at the same time decreasing the cost of providing that care.

Kaggle is immensely proud to be providing the platform for this competition, which we hope will result in those most in need getting faster and cheaper access to healthcare.

If you haven’t yet tried entering a Kaggle competition, we strongly suggest you start getting involved, to start sharpening your skills and building your network.

There are four interesting and varied competitions on the site right now and by getting involved, you’ll learn a lot about how to compete effectively and may make some great relationships with other competitors, who you could team up with in the $3m prize.

More: http://www.kaggle.com

Germany going after Google Analytics
January 21, 2011, 1:37 am
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This is simply ridiculous.

Concluding that Google hasn’t adequately complied with their demands, German data protection officials are warning that web companies in the country could face a “steep fine” if they use Google Analytics.

The big issue? Google collects the full IP addresses of users — even those who request anonymity — and sends the information to Google servers in the U.S. for processing. Some in Germany, which has extremely strict privacy laws, believe the practice illegal because it violates an individual’s privacy — however, Google isn’t liable under existing laws.

“We must clearly say: What Google offers is not enough,” Johannes Caspar, commissioner for data protection in Hamburg where Google Germany is based, was quoted as saying in a local paper earlier this week.

Germany is also refusing to further negotiate with Google, breaking off talks that began in November 2009. Caspar said data from Safari and Opera browsers can’t be properly protected by a previouslyannounced browser add-on, which exposes 10 percent of Internet users in the country (Google also announced that addresses are made anonymous by using only a portion of the IP addresses).

More: http://smartdatacollective.com/vincentg64/31695/germany-threatens-fine-companies-use-google-analytics


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