Will Scully-Power

Linkedin more valuable than Facebook through Analytics?
February 21, 2011, 11:22 am
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Facebook is not particularly regarded for its ability to give its members value back on their own data.  While it’s very easy to get data into Facebook, it’s very difficult to get data out and in a meaningful way.

Simply charting your friends’ geographical spread is difficult (join theFacebook Data Team page to stay appraised of the latest).  Beyond suggesting new friends, Facebook does little to share back with the community the incredible insights it gathers about its users.

LinkedIn’s approach to data is quite different.  The LinkedIn Analytics team has been hard at work understanding your data trail, and they are not shy to share these analytics with you.  My favorites include LinkedIn’s  “Signal,” “Career Explorer,” “InMaps” or “Skills” which launched most recently.

Each application exemplifies LinkedIn’s drive to fulfill its vision – better connecting business people, through analytics.  The above applications showcase that, by using clever algorithms, members can be presented with insights that anticipate their questions and connect with others more efficiently.

More: http://blogs.forbes.com/ciocentral/2011/02/16/why-linkedin-is-more-valuable-than-facebook/



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