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LikeAudience Helps Marketers Determine Profile Traits
April 3, 2011, 1:36 am
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LikeAudience is a new marketing research tool created by the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre that provides psycho-demographic profiles of Facebook Page audiences. Users can see stats about the age, gender, location, friend count, personality, and the other Pages Liked by the fans of a specific Page, or find Pages with audiences that match a specified set of attributes.

Though the sample size is currently low, LikeAudience could help marketers understand the fan bases of their own or a competing Pages, or to determine targeting parameters for Facebook ads.

LikeAudience is adding the information of 100 thousand new profiles a month to its initial 50 thousand profile base, partly in thanks to a partnership with Facebook personality quiz apps myIQ and myPersonality. The data is used anonymously to protect privacy.

Visitors to the site can search for a specific Pag the psycho-demographic profile of its audience, as shown for the Barack Obama Page above. Alternatively, they can move sliders for a variety of personality and profile traits such as openness, extraversion, relationship status, or age and see Pages that who audience’s fit the attribute set. For instance, a search for Pages with audiences of liberal older men returns the liberal, crude, 1970′s author Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, whereas conservative, younger women returns reality TV show Laguna Beach.

LikeAudience also provides a set of “extreme Likes” or Pages Liked by people on the two ends of an attribute’s spectrum. This provides an enjoyable way to learn about what types of preferences are linked to what aspects of a person’s profile. Users can publish Page audience profiles to Facebook, creating an easy viral distribution channel for content that seems natural to share and discuss with friends.

While fun just to browse, LikeAudience has great potential as a serious marketing tool, as it provides data absent from Facebook’s analytics tool Insights. Page admins can analyze their own Page to discover what kind of content would make compelling Page updates. If an admin learned a high percentage of its audience is in a relationship, or is extroverted, it might suggest fun group activities or gift ideas.

Advertisers looking for targeting parameters that will drive high quality clicks can also use LikeAudience. The Similar Likes data can be used to find Pages to enter as targets in the Likes & Interests section of their Facebook ads. Learning that the Page being advertised to has a concentration of users in certain city, or have a high IQ could lead the advertiser to target certain locations or education levels.

LikeAudience does show some random community Pages with few Likes, adding noise to the search, extreme Likes, and similar Likes features. However, as more data is added to the system, the site should be able to refine its algorithm to return larger Pages. LikeAudience could become an important complement to social media monitoring for brands looking to understand their fan bases.

More: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/03/31/likeaudience-page-demograph-traits


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