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Top 10 Takeaways from ADMA B2B Marketing Seminar
March 1, 2012, 9:27 am
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Hi All,

Here are the top 10 key takeaways from the ADMA B2B Marketing Seminar which I chaired in Sydney today.

1.) Recognise The Problem – You have a leaky funnel.

2.) Identify the cost – What is the cost of the leaky funnel to your business? Use this to create a business case for Marketing Automation.

3.) Define Requirements – look for strategic partners who will help you plan for an effective implementation. Then look at vendors. Here is your marketing automation success formula. 70% people, processes, methodologies. 25% CRM expertise and 5% the actual marketing automation tool.

4.) Marketing & Sales Process Definition & Alignment – define and agree on lead scoring (demographic & behavioural), lead statuses, lead allocation rules, alerts and service level agreements between Marketing & Sales.

5.) Marketing & Sales (Revenue Cycle Model) Definition – define revenue stages in 1 funnel. Start with the organisations revenue target and work backwards to get an understanding of what marketing needs to contribute in terms of marketing sourced and marketing influenced opportunities/pipeline on a monthly basis.

6.) Identify quality sources of qualified inbound leads e.g. Paid Search, Paid Display, Events, Webinars, Social Media etc. What’s driving Sales Accepted Leads (SAL’s) and what’s driving Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s).

7.) Identify additional data sources to help enrich your inbound lead data. e.g. www.data.com

8.) Develop content based on segments focused on specific roles of buyers within the buying cycle.

9.) Launch lead nurturing campaigns targeting the 95% of leads who are not yet sales-ready. Test & Optimise content types and frequency of communication.

10.) Hold monthly “What’s working What’s Not” sessions with both Sales & Marketing heads in an effort to improves lead quality and internal lead management and lead recycling processes.

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