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Pre-built Customer Journeys are here!



Pre-built customer journeys are finally here!

Improve your customer experience immediately way with pre-built customer journeys (assets & journey logic) for each stage of your customer lifecycle.

Are you looking for best practice campaign journeys to acquire new customers, onboard customers, engage customers, retain customers or win-back customers?

Everyone is talking about customer journeys but the struggle is real! Most organisations struggle to quickly design, build and implement customer journeys. Why? Talent and cost.

Introducing LAUNCH – powered by Datarati

What’s available:

Acquisition Journeys Options:

Journey Option 1: Prospect landing page, web form and a triggered email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Prospect SMS opt-in of your email address journey.

Journey Option 3: Prospect Facebook web form and triggered email and/or SMS journey.

On-boarding Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer welcome email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer update your communication preferences email and landing page journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer welcome nurture 4 part email and/or SMS series journey.

Engagement Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer 3 part email and/or SMS nurture series journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer Birthday or Anniversary email journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer Website visit triggered email and/or SMS journey.

Retention Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer wish-list survey email to landing page to capture product/services preferences journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer survey email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer who bought X also bought Y email and/or SMS journey.

Lapsed Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer we want you back email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer we miss you email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer it’s been X days since last purchase email and/or SMS journey.

AUD$7,500 per journey ex GST



Vision Board VR officially launches app!
October 28, 2016, 11:25 pm
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TODAY: our Vision Board VR virtual reality app was officially approved by Facebook and was launched on the Oculus Store!

Vision Board VR is now available to everyone around the world who is looking to make a breakthrough positive change in their lives by changing their daily thoughts!

You will need 3 things.

1.) A Samsung smartphone.

2.) A Samsung Gear VR headset which you can buy from Samsung for $158.99: http://www.samsung.com/…/mob…/wearables/gear/SM-R323NBKAXSA/

3.) Our Vision Board VR App which you can buy for $7.99 and download here:https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1171685502873385/

Our vision is to help the world change the way they think in order to live better lives. Our mission is to help people change their daily thoughts and create positive real world transformations.

As such, In February 2017, we will be starting a research project with the Computational Intelligence and Brain Computer Interface Centre (CIBCI) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

This is the first research centre in NSW that focuses on the combination of brain computer interface and virtual reality.

The CIBCI centre aims to exploit computational intelligence methodologies for brain computer interfaces with the long-term objective of incorporating bio-inspired brain-like computational capabilities into next generation computers and robots. http://www.uts.edu.au/…/computational-intelligence-and-brai…

Enjoy the journey on your quest for personal transformation!



Customer Journey Mapping
October 25, 2016, 11:53 pm
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Another group of certified Marketing Automation & CRM consultants now on the market!

Accelerate your career in digital transformation! Get certified today!


Datarati launches RAPID, a FREE 3hr Customer Experience Strategy Workshop



‘Datarati RAPID’ is a FREE 3hr customer experience strategy workshop which is designed to provide you with a current state analysis of digital transformation maturity within your organisation.

The outcome is a 12 month digital transformation road map with prioritised campaigns across the acquisition, on-boarding, engagement, retention & lapsed stages of the customer lifecycle.

Register your interest at www.datarati.com.au

Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud within 2 weeks for $14,840
October 14, 2016, 4:50 am
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Fast Track your Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation in JUST 2 weeks with FLASH!

With FLASH, you’ll have our team ensure that you’re well equipped with the essentials to have you up and running with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform in just 2 weeks from signing!


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