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Meet Duncan Brett, – Customer Insights at eBay Australia & New Zealand

Announcing a new Meetup for Sydney Data Miners!

WHAT: Meet Duncan Brett, – Business Analyst, Customer Insights Team at eBay Australia & New Zealand

WHEN: Wednesday, 7 April, 2010 5:45 PM – 7:00PM



University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Building 10, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Crn of Broadway & Jones Street

Map: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/mapsdirections/bway.html


With 1 of the largest data warehouses in the world eBay relies heavily on this rich source of information to target specific customers for promotions. 2009 saw a unique set of challenges for most businesses, eBay not excluded. Promotions was just 1 way eBay AU turned the business around in 2009 and ended the year posting results that the global business is calling ‘The Boomerang”. This presentation will aim to show analysts and marketers alike how our data warehouse was used to both target Buyers & Sellers pre promotion and also analyse the transactional activity post promotion in order to calculate ROI. In 30 minutes we will go through some examples of particular promotions, how the targeting was done, what were the objectives and ultimately how did we measure success.

Duncan Brett Bio:

With a total of 7 years experience in online analytics, Duncan Brett has been providing customer insights at eBay Australia for 3 years now. In a heavily data driven role Duncan uses a mix of technical & logical skills to solve problems presented to his team by a variety of business units within the company. As the go to person for customer insights, Duncan’s analysis covers everything from Buyer acquisition, category performance and customer segmentation.


REGISTER FREE NOW: http://www.meetup.com/datarati/calendar/12982473/


Marketing Cloud Presentation – Database Marketing – The New Frontier

Join the ‘Chatter’ in the ‘Marketing Cloud’:  http://www.mktgcloud.com

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What do the Datarati do… in 30 seconds?

Elevator Pitch


I got asked this morning at an Ad-tech event in Sydney what our company ‘Datarati’ does in 30 seconds or less so here goes the elevator pitch:

Datarati helps smart marketers unlock the value of digital behavioral data, by allowing them to execute more personalised and effective email marketing and web personalisation through the use of a marketing automation database (MAD).

Today’s smart data-driven marketers use a MAD to leverage the wealth of demographic/profile data and implicit/behavioural data that online visitors and customers generate as they react to a company’s digital marketing campaigns and interact with its landing pages, microsites and websites.

By centralising all this data into a MAD, marketers can now access and have full visibility into all multi-channel campaign data including:

– Email Marketing data
– Paid Search data
– Paid Display data
– Landing Page, Microsite, Website data
– Social Media data (twitter, facebook, linkedin)
– Telemarketing data (customer service + support)

Why is this so exciting for marketers?

Well today, marketers are living in Excel Hell! They try to collect and collate multiple data sets in Microsoft Excel which are delivered to them by their multiple rostered agencies and or vendors.

With all of these data silios created how can marketers know which channels are most effective in driving leads, opportunities and ultimate conversions/revenue for their organisations?

With a MAD all of this data is centralised into one database where the marketer can execute digital campaigns from end-to-end including:

– Data Segmentation aka List building (Demographic + Behavioural) data
– Email, Form + Landing page creation & execution
– Data Scoring
– Data Nurturing (Drip based Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty Campaigns Campaigns)
– Data Testing / Optimisation
– Reporting & Analytics
– Integration into their CRM database for closed loop ROI reporting & analysis e.g. Salesforce.com, Netsuite, Microsoft, Oracle, Siebel, SAP,  etc.

Oh and P.S you need no IT involvement or support as the MAD is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) over a web browser 🙂 and payable by the number of records you have in your database.

I speak quickly, so there goes my 30 seconds 🙂

Also, we are holding the “DATA”‘ event of the year for all Digital Marketers and their Digital Agencies in Sydney in a few weeks time.

Email me if you’re interested in attending!

More: http://www.datarati.com.au

4 Technologies That Are Reshaping Business Intelligence
September 8, 2009, 10:31 am
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Next-generation BI is being formed by predictive analytics, real-time monitoring, in-memory processing, and SaaS.

A great article on the Datarati in InformationWeek.

See: http://www.informationweek.com/news/business_intelligence/analytics/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=219500363&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_Business_Intelligence

IBM Buys SPSS For Approx. $1.2 Billion In Cash Deal
July 29, 2009, 10:37 am
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IBM is buying analytics software and solutions provider SPSS in an all cash transaction at a price of $50/share – a 42 percent premium to Monday’s closing price of $35.09 on Nasdaq – resulting in a total cash consideration in the merger of approximately $1.2 billion.

The acquisition is subject to SPSS shareholder approval, regulatory clearances and other closing conditions, and is expected to close later in the second half of 2009.

More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/28/AR2009072800858.html

The new digital data driven CMO


Victoria Treyger, the CMO of Travelocity.com wayed in being a digital data driven marketer.

In Treyger’s case, the amount of data can seem overwhelming to an outsider.

In addition to Google—which provides information about competitors and industry trends, she culls consumer data from Hitwise, Compete and Comscore among others and then looks at how consumers behave on Travelocity’s site—namely shopping and booking patterns.

For now, social media is primarily a marketing tool rather than a way to wring more data out of consumers, though Treyger said when the company relaunched its Web site in May, it used Twitter to get a read on how consumers were taking to the new site. (They liked it.)

In addition, for the last three years Treyger has made use of mixed-media modeling, a sort of dashboard that uses statistics and econometrics to determine which media mix delivers the best ROI.

For Treyger, a veteran marketer from Amazon, being immersed in such data is second nature. “Relying upon all of these different data sources is a regular part of the job.

It’s kind of like having coffee in the morning,” she said. “I wouldn’t think about making any key business decisions without relying on data, but it’s not most of my job, it’s part of my job.”

“Most of the marketers interviewed in her recent survey relied upon digital agencies—often as many as six or seven—to collect and interpret such data”.

“They’re not being managed in the way creative agencies are managed or the way integrated or above-the-line agencies are being managed,” Seid said of the digital agencies”.

“There’s nobody inside that has the expertise that’s on par or superior to the digital agencies. So the digital agencies are more or less setting the agenda.”

More: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/superbrands/article_empathetic.html

Business Intelligence for the iPhone
June 9, 2009, 12:19 pm
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RoamBi (short for ‘roaming business intelligence’) aims to transform existing datasets from a variety of sources into interactive visualizations for the iPhone.

Its design beautifully merges the typical shiny and slick iPhone interface graphics with a more serious and dark business application visual style.

Try “spinning” the pie charts, or tap the line graphs, either from your own iPhone or the online simulator.

Online publishers can submit reports and data from a wide range of applications, including Excel, salesforce.com, WebIntelligence and Crystal Reports, to publish dynamic visualizations and share them with friends, co-workers and employees.

The service also includes a Web publisher where individual operators or corporate employees can import reports in 4 different visual templates: the pie chart, graph, card file, or list. The data can then be emailed to the phone or pushed through the RoamBi account.

More: www.roambi.com

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