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Infographic: The Modern Media Agency
April 27, 2011, 12:57 am
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More: http://mashable.com/2011/03/17/modern-media-agency/


INVITATION – LIVE WEBCAST on ‘Digital Data’ at Ad:tech Sydney 2011


Hi there, 

I would like to extend this personal event invitation to you.There is an abundance of ‘Digital Data’ available to you today driven by your efforts email marketing, web analytics, search marketing, display advertising and social media. 

Most organisations suffer from having all of this digital data sitting in multiple databases and stored in multiple locations whilst being managed by multiple vendors and/or digital agencies.
Join me, as I host these FREE LIVE ONLINE WEBCASTS from the floor of Ad:Tech 2011, the largest gathering of online marketers.

Panelists Include:
leading senior executives from Google, Hothouse, Downstream, Ansell, Wunderman, NRMA, Acxiom, BMF and more. 


– How to stop suffering from Excel Hell!
– How to bring together your multiple digital data sets?
– How to make sense and take action on your digital data?
– How to automate predictable revenue generation for your organisation? 

Click Here for FULL event details and to REGISTER NOW!

Display Ad Optimiser showing 10x Revenue growth
November 23, 2010, 10:30 pm
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In advertising, if you deliver better results, you will get more advertising dollars thrown your way.

That appears to be what is happening withRocket Fuel, an online ad optimization startup which is showing some promising growth.

The company only launched last year, but its third quarter revenues of $5 million were ten times higher than last year’s, according to CEO George John.

Its annualized revenue run-rate based on the past 30 days is $30 million ($20 million based on the past quarter), and the company is already profitable.

More: http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/22/rocket-fuel/

Marketers adopting new targeting options
August 10, 2010, 11:49 am
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Targeted advertising, whether by geography, past behaviors or retargeted ads offer better information to the consumer simply by taking their preferences into account.

A consumer in Kansas, for example, has no need for a sales flyer type ad from a brick-and-mortar store in New York or London.

Likewise, a marketer who retargets ads to consumers who have clicked thru an ad but then left a website has a better chance to reengaging that consumer than a marketer who only gives them a new ad.

More: http://www.cmo.com/targeting/report-marketers-adopting-new-targeting-options?cmpid=NR47

Guest speaking ADMA’s Direct Marketing Certificate Course

Tonight and tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Australian Direct Marketing Association’s (ADMA) Direct Marketing Course on the topic of ‘Marketing Automation’.

Topics covered will include:

– The marketing & sales divide

– The leaky funnel

– What is marketing automation?

– How does a marketing automation database (MAD) work?

– What does a marketing automation database do?

– Lead Generation, Scoring, Nurturing

– Website Tracking

– Email Marketing

– Landing Page Optimisation

– Marketing Asset Management

– Progressive Profiling

– CRM Database Integration

– Incoming lead processing

– Stay in Touch campaigns

– Mapping content to buyer stages and roles

– Accelerator campaigns

– Lead lifecycle campaigns

– ROI of lead nurturing

Don’t miss the ADMA Forum this year where I will also be presenting: www.admaforum.com.au

Seeking Speakers/Panelists for Data-Driven Digital Marketing Webcast Series

Datarati is now seeking panelists for its upcoming monthly webcast series on ‘Data-Driven Digital Marketing’.

Each month we will be hosting a LIVE webcast with the industry’s leading senior marketing executives, sharing their experience, best practices and case studies.

If you’re interested in joining our webcast series as a panelist, please submit your details below and we’ll be in touch shortly with more details.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be showcased to your industry peers as a digital marketing thought leader!

Panel topics will include:

– Lead Generation
– Lead Nurturing
– Individual Website Behaviour
– Trigger-Based Email Marketing
– Web Forms
– Landing Page Optimisation
– A/B + Multivariate Testing
– Marketing Asset Management
– ROI/Measurement/Analytics

REGISTER NOW: www.marketingcloud.com.au


Here are the top 5 lessons learnt in Data at Ad:Tech 2010:

1.) DATA CAPTURE: Have a strategy of what data you plan to collect and why? i.e. Explicit data e.g. demographic data, profile data etc as well as Implicit data e.g. behavioural data (what people click on, pages they view, content they interact with and/or download. How do you plan to use that data? When do you plan to use that data? In what channel will you take action on that data e.g. email, sms, direct mail, social media, telemarketing etc.

2.) CENTRALISE ALL DATA POINTS: Centralise all your digital data into a centralised marketing automation database. This includes, paid search data, paid display data, email marketing, landing pages, web analytics data and social media data. Digital marketers are tired of living in EXCEL HELL www.excelhell.com.au Client side marketers should NOT have to live with excel spreadsheets of basic digital metrics e.g. impressions, click thrus etc.

3.) STREAMLINE METRICS & MEASUREMENT: Educate yourself to understand the metrics you’re using and why you are using them? Do these metrics relate to bottom line business metrics such as closed sales, revenue etc. With the rapid innovation of technology in the digital space, digital marketers are finding it hard to keep up with the new metrics that are being created as these new sets of digital data have never existed before. Keep it simple. Do your impressions, click thrus, conversions etc add to the bottom line revenue of your organisation? Can you prove it? Can you prove which channel is most effective and why? And most importantly, what are the variables responsible for improved conversions and sales e.g. creative, publisher, time of day, offer, channel, etc.

4.) OPTIMISE ALL CAMPAIGNS: If you don’t test EVERY paid search campaign, paid display campaign, email marketing campaign or landing page, YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN DIGITAL MARKETING. There is no more excuses for blaming this on process, time, inefficiencies etc both internal on client side or on agency side. A/B & Multivariate testing takes minutes to set up and can have an enormous impact on the success or failure of your campaigns.

5.) AUTOMATE COMMUNICATIONS: If a prospect or customer indicates some type of behaviour, either explicitly e.g. they have told you they are interested in a product or service or implicitly e.g. they have behaved in a specific way to your campaign through searching a particular keyword, clicking on a particular link in an email, downloading a specific piece of content on your website etc you must automate a dynamic message back to that individual in real-time. Prospects and customers will no longer wait. They want instant gratification, with targeted, anticipated, relevant and personalised communications in an automated way through whichever channel they have requested to receive it in.

NEXT STEPS: Need help with any of the above – contact the Datarati to get started right away!

(02) 8003 7343


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