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Data Scouts forms strategic partnership with the Association for Data-driven Advertising & Marketing


Partnership to deliver certified lifecycle marketing automation & CRM consultants into the Australian market

1st March 2016 – Sydney Australia: Data Scouts today announced a strategic partnership with the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising to deliver a series of two-day courses designed exclusively for marketers using marketing automation & customer relationship management (CRM) technologies.

The two-day course entitled Data Scouts Directions™ will leverage a proven marketing automation and CRM transformation consulting methodology which teaches participants how to map out the current state of their organisations marketing strategy, marketing technology landscape, marketing team operations and their lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Participants will then learn how to develop a future state omni-channel customer experience vision with prioritised campaigns for execution across the acquisition, on-boarding, engagement and retention stages of their customer journeys.

“Lifecycle marketing automation and CRM is critical to driving profitable revenue growth, said Will Scully-Power, Executive Director of Data Scouts. This course will teach participants the core principles of how to transform your prospect and customer marketing campaigns by implementing lifecycle marketing automation and CRM strategies across the acquisition, on-boarding, engagement and retention/loyalty stages of the customer lifecycle”.

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA added “We have partnered with Data Scouts who are experts in the field of marketing automation and CRM to complement our new ADMA IQ education offer and bring best-in-market tactical skills training to Australian marketers. The gap in appropriately skilled marketers in is an issue that affects the whole industry and we are delighted to extend our new curriculum to Data Scout’s bespoke courses.”

Participants will complete the course as certified lifecycle marketing automation & CRM consultants.

Courses begin on 14th April in Sydney and 21st April in Melbourne.

For course booking enquiries, please visit www.datascouts.com.au or contact Data Scouts on (02) 8015 6662

Media Contact: Will Scully-Power, Executive Director on 0400 828 866 or will.sp@datascouts.com.au



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Stop Keep Start 2014


I am very excited to extend an invitation to you for StopKeepStart 2014. This event will be the largest Webcast of its kind created for the industry’s cutting edge digital and data-driven marketers.

This FREE Webcast will be streamed LIVE online at 9am on the morning of Wednesday 27th November. StopKeepStart is an exclusive event designed for those marketers who are ready to make a commitment to themselves, their team and their company in 2014.

So are you committed to:

STOP doing the things that don’t work in your marketing and campaign efforts?

KEEP doing the things that deliver revenue and profit to your businesses?

START doing the things that improve your lead & customer lifecycle communications?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then this event is for you.

With 2014 fast approaching, this is your chance to reflect, learn, share and network live online with other like minded marketers and industry thought leaders. I look forward to welcoming you on the day!

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Yours Sincerely,

Will Scully-Power
Will Scully-Power
Managing Director

Marketing vs. Sales

HOW TO: Score your customer & prospect behaviour?
August 12, 2010, 4:56 am
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An effective lead scoring process means passing fewer, but higher quality, leads to sales. And as sales focuses their time on higher quality leads they get more wins and revenue increases.  In addition to scoring basics such as demographics, activity and BANT, the white paper Are They Hot or Not? highlights other things that you should considering while building your initial scoring matrix:

  • Lead Score: This is the lead score for each prospect. It’s the sum of the individual scores for each activity your prospect has acted upon.
  • Company Score: If you receive multiple leads from the same company,you might want to bump those leads up by a certain amount. Company score can also be the total scores of the contacts in the company.
  • Product Score: Have different scores for each product line, since the buyer’s interest will vary based on source and behaviors.
  • Score Decay: If your prospect hasn’t had any activity for a certain period of time, say two weeks, and then you might want to automatically deduct points.
  • Recycle: After sales follow‐up, some prospects may be determined to not really be sales‐ready, because of changes in internal budgeting, management, etc. These prospects should be returned to marketing for additional nurturing.

Make an impact on your sales productivity and your company’s revenue through effective lead scoring.  Get the white paper now.

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