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Former GM of Marketing at Telstra Business joins Salesforce partner Datarati as CEO
January 22, 2017, 10:10 pm
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Datarati has appointed Jarther Taylor as the new CEO to lead the APAC growth strategy in the $5.5 Billion marketing automation industry

Monday 23 January 2017 – SYDNEY AUSTRALIA: – Datarati (www.datarati.com.au) Asia-Pacific’s strategic customer journey & experience company has today announced the appointment of Jarther Taylor as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Jarther joins Datarati from Telstra Business where he was the General Manager of Marketing, accountable for the segment’s marketing planning and execution. Prior to joining Telstra, Jarther worked at IBM in several regional and domestic marketing and consulting roles.

Jarther’s appointment comes off the back of a significant investment in Datarati’s offshore Centre of Excellence (COE) which has been established in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley; Bangalore. The Datarati COE is responsible for delivering Marketing Automation & CRM technical implementation, integration and campaign management services to Datarati customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a strong Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud partner. Datarati have developed some significant intellectual property in the Telecommunications, Automotive, Retail, Financial Services & Healthcare industry verticals and I’m really looking forward to growing our strategic customer relationships and partnerships.

Datarati have significant best practice strategic, technical and campaign management capabilities following the implementation of over 1,000 marketing automation and CRM solutions,” said Jarther Taylor, CEO of Datarati.

Jarther will be replacing the agency’s founder, Will Scully-Power who has held the role of Managing Director for the past 8 years.

“I’m ecstatic we’ve been able to attract such a high-quality executive to the Datarati management team. Jarther is truly passionate about using marketing automation and CRM data to deliver exceptional customer journeys and experiences. This is the core of our DNA at Datarati and the team is very excited about this new leadership appointment,” said Will Scully-Power, founder of Datarati.

“After 8 years at the helm of Datarati, it’s now time for me to step back from running Datarati and focus more of my time on strategic projects including growing Datarati in India and Singapore and building new products and services in the marketing automation and CRM space.”



Target prospects and customers on Facebook using marketing automation & CRM data



Customer Journeys available from Datarati

Acquisition Customer Journeys:



On-Boarding Customer Journeys



Engagement Customer Journeys

Group of Business People Holding Placards Forming Customer

Group of Business People Holding Placards Forming Customer


Retention Customer Journeys



Lapsed Customer Journeys




Survive the end of year rush with FLASH advertising from Datarati & Salesforce
November 23, 2016, 11:39 pm
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Accelerate your Salesforce Advertising Studio setup with Datarati! Integrate your CRM data directly into your advertising platform in just 24 hours!



Michael Joo
Head of Digital Transformation
Office +61 2 9045 0946 x 115
Mobile +61 451 790 113

30 MIN WEBINAR: Kick start the new year with a fresh customer experience vision & strategy facilitated by the team at Datarati.


In this 30 minute webinar, we will cover the following:

RAPID Workshop – Details of our Customer Journey Strategy 3 hour workshop to define, current state, requirements and campaign priorities.

FLASH Implementation – Details of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation which will get you live in 2 weeks.

FLASH Advertising – Details of our Salesforce Advertising Studio implementation which will get you live in 24 hours.

LAUNCH Journeys – Details of our Pre-built Customer Journeys across Acquisition, On-boarding, Engagement, Retention, Lapsed lifecycle stages.

Register now: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2251673748514455554

State of the Connected Customer Experience


The connected customer has emerged as the driving force in a world of constant innovation, mobility, and disruption. New technologies have put customers in the driver’s seat of the marketplace — giving them power over which brands sink or swim in the digital age. Companies that treat customers with awareness and intelligence — and put the customer experience at the centre of their business strategies — will succeed in this connected world.

 What defines the connected customer?

• What are their unique preferences and expectation of companies?

• How is technology changing the way customers consume information, communicate with companies, and purchase and seek service from brands?

• What can today’s businesses do to stay ahead of changing customer expectations and avoid disruption?

01 Information-Savvy Customers Now Control the Marketplace

(See page 11)

Recent advances in technology have created an age in which customers are empowered to communicate, research, browse, and purchase wherever they are and whenever they want. Today’s customers expect companies to quickly innovate in accordance with their changing preferences — otherwise they’ll simply switch brands. Seventy percent of consumers agree technology has made it easier than ever to take their business elsewhere.

02 The Culture of Immediacy Drives Mobile-First Expectations

(See page 14)

Smartphones have become ubiquitous for the modern-day customer, especially for millennials, who came of age in a mobile-first world. This constantly connected lifestyle has created a culture of immediacy in which customers’ definition of timely interactions means instant. Sixty-four percent of consumers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.

Customers Still Value Human Connections in a Tech-Driven World 03 (See page 17)

Despite their a affinity for faster and smarter technologies, connected customers still want to be treated as human beings with unique preferences — not addresses on an email list. In exchange for their loyalty, customers expect to be heard, understood, and appreciated by companies, like they are when they visit a local shopkeeper. Two-thirds of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if they’re treated like a number instead of an individual.

New Data-Sharing Attitudes Spark Next Era of Marketing Personalisation (See page 21)

Customers want more intelligent communications from brands. The batch-and-blast method doesn’t work on these customers. They’ve grown to expect tailored recommendations and they’re willing to provide trusted brands with the data that enables such personalised interactions. Sixty-three percent of millennial consumers agree they’re willing to share data with companies that send personalised and discounts.

Smarter Use of Customer Information Expands Opportunities for Sales (See page 25)

Connected customers’ desire to not be treated like a number also means they don’t want to be treated like a cog in the sales machine. Sales organisations must rethink the traditional product-driven sales pitch and focus on leveraging smart tech and data to become trusted advisors to customers. More than three-quarters of consumers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to work with a salesperson who is focused on achieving customer needs instead of making a quick sale.

Fast, Personal Service Is Directly Linked to Customer Loyalty (See page 29)

The connected customer wants a smarter customer service experience — one that is both fast and personal. Gone are the days when customers would settle for extended phone conversations or multiple-day resolutions. Seventy-one percent of consumers say that customer service provided on any day at any time has an influence on loyalty, and almost as many (69%) say the same about personalised customer care.

Download: state-of-the-connected-customer

Source: Salesforce Research

Pre-built Customer Journeys are here!



Pre-built customer journeys are finally here!

Improve your customer experience immediately way with pre-built customer journeys (assets & journey logic) for each stage of your customer lifecycle.

Are you looking for best practice campaign journeys to acquire new customers, onboard customers, engage customers, retain customers or win-back customers?

Everyone is talking about customer journeys but the struggle is real! Most organisations struggle to quickly design, build and implement customer journeys. Why? Talent and cost.

Introducing LAUNCH – powered by Datarati

What’s available:

Acquisition Journeys Options:

Journey Option 1: Prospect landing page, web form and a triggered email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Prospect SMS opt-in of your email address journey.

Journey Option 3: Prospect Facebook web form and triggered email and/or SMS journey.

On-boarding Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer welcome email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer update your communication preferences email and landing page journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer welcome nurture 4 part email and/or SMS series journey.

Engagement Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer 3 part email and/or SMS nurture series journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer Birthday or Anniversary email journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer Website visit triggered email and/or SMS journey.

Retention Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer wish-list survey email to landing page to capture product/services preferences journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer survey email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer who bought X also bought Y email and/or SMS journey.

Lapsed Journey Options:

Journey Option 1: Customer we want you back email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 2: Customer we miss you email and/or SMS journey.

Journey Option 3: Customer it’s been X days since last purchase email and/or SMS journey.

AUD$7,500 per journey ex GST


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