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Building Blocks of Digital Attribution – Google Webinar
August 14, 2012, 7:25 am
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InsideSales.com Raises $4 Million For Big Data Analytics Sales Force Automation Technology
August 13, 2012, 1:34 am
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InsideSales.com has raised $4 million from Hummer Winblad in a Series A Round that the
company will use to grow its big data analytics sales force automation (SFO) technology. Joining in the round were Josh James, co-founder and former CEO ofOmniture.

Mark Gorenberg, managing director, Hummer Winblad, said before the funding, the company was profitable and had not taken any investment. He said the company reminds him of Omniture, which the firm funded under similar circumstances. Omniture was also profitable when it accepted its investment. Omniture was acquired for $1.8 billion in 2009 by Adobe Systems.

InsideSales serves small and medium sized companies. It uses predictive analytics to help serve inside sales professionals. Its algorithms are designed to tell the sales professional who to contact, when to contact and how to tailor the message for the sales target.

The company has increased its employees from 65 to 140 people. In the past several months the company has increased from 600 to 900 customers. It has recently started expanding into the enterprise market by adding customers such as Dell and ADP.

InsideSales is one of a growing number of startups to come out of Utah. The company is based in Provo, also where Qualtrics, the online marketing intelligence company is located. Qualtrics raised $70 million in capital earlier this year from Accel Partners and Seqouia Capital. Omniture was originally from Orem, Utah.

GOOGLE: a pretty impressive company all around
July 31, 2012, 9:35 am
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PODCAST: Marketing Automation interview with Simon Van Wyk, CEO of Hothouse

Listen Here: http://www.hothouse.com.au/blog/2012/07/25/hothouse-podcast-simon-van-wyk-talks-to-will-scully-power-managing-director-of-datarati/


PRESENTATION: How to use DATA to grow your business?

2012 – The Year for Australian B2B Marketers to Evaluate, Integrate, Automate & Mandate

As we start the New Year in the Australian Direct Marketing Industry, here are 4 key steps to generate revenue for your organisation.

1.)    Evaluate – Having access to a marketing automation database will allow you to automate trigger-based acquisition and retention campaigns. It is no longer cost-effective to launch campaigns manually every time.

2.)    Integrate – To measure your true return on marketing investment (ROMI) you will need to integrate your marketing automation database (which houses your email, web, search and social data) with your CRM database (which houses your sales/transactional, customer service and  support data).

3.)    Automate – Think about your top 5 manually produced campaigns and automate them. By using a marketing automation database, you can monitor a customer or prospects email, web, search or social behaviour and use that data to trigger off targeted, anticipated, relevant and personalised one-to-one communications in an effort to drive them further down the marketing funnel.

4.)    Mandate – Senior level executive sponsorship, buy-in and support. For marketers to earn a seat at the revenue table, they need to firstly align their marketing and sales teams, define metrics that matter to executives and prove marketing’s contribution to the organisations revenue generation.

Marketing Automation is a journey. Start with the end goal first which is generally: “Sales needs to hit X target this month, this quarter, this year”, then work your marketing funnel numbers backwards. Here is an example calculator to help you get started:http://www.datarati.com.au/index.php/resources/roi-calculator/

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Will Scully-Power is the Managing Director of Datarati, which deals with Marketing Automation, Revenue Performance Management (RPM), Analytics and Optimisation.

Hear more from Will at the upcoming ADMA B2B Marketing Seminar – Melbourne 28 February and Sydney 1 March.

INFOGRAPHIC: Right brain vs. Left brain marketers
January 8, 2012, 1:32 am
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