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Australian National Data Service

More Australian researchers reusing research data more often.

Research Data Australia is a set of web pages describing data collections produced by or relevant to Australian researchers. It is designed to promote visibility of research data collections in search discovery engines such as Google and Yahoo, to encourage their re-use.

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) aims to:

  • influence national policy in the area of data management in the Australian research community
  • inform best practice for the curation of data
  • transform the disparate collections of research data around Australia into a cohesive collection of research resources

For more information please see the relevant ANDS guide.


Welcome to 2010! Holiday book review: ‘Click’ by Bill Tancer

A warm welcome back to all my loyal blog readers and twitter followers.

Over the Xmas and New Year break, I had the chance to catch up on some good old fashioned reading, sitting beach side in northern New South Wales Australia.

A book that was given to me by a good friend of mine over at Footfall/Experian, (thanks Chinny) had been sitting on my bed side table for the last 6 months.  It was called Click, written by Bill Tancer the GM, Research over at Hitwise.

A great and easy read that delves into the data insights of consumers globally, using Hitwise’s search and panel data.

Bottom Line:  Actions speak louder than words. What consumers might tell us in a survey for example is completely different to how they actual behave online.

Worth a read.



Marketing Cloud Presentation – Database Marketing – The New Frontier

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Database Marketing – The New Frontier

Breakfast Briefing

Join Australia’s leading digital marketers for the DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING EVENT OF THE YEAR!

At this FREE Breakfast Briefing, hosted by Brad Howarth, the ex-Technology & Marketing Editor of Business Review Weekly (BRW) Magazine,  you will be briefed by the industry’s leading data-driven marketers on how to use digital behavioural data in both acquisition and retention campaigns to generate more revenue faster for your organisation!

To REGISTER for this event, please contact:

Will Scully-Power
E: will.sp@datarati.com.au
M: 0400 828 866

What do the Datarati do… in 30 seconds?

Elevator Pitch


I got asked this morning at an Ad-tech event in Sydney what our company ‘Datarati’ does in 30 seconds or less so here goes the elevator pitch:

Datarati helps smart marketers unlock the value of digital behavioral data, by allowing them to execute more personalised and effective email marketing and web personalisation through the use of a marketing automation database (MAD).

Today’s smart data-driven marketers use a MAD to leverage the wealth of demographic/profile data and implicit/behavioural data that online visitors and customers generate as they react to a company’s digital marketing campaigns and interact with its landing pages, microsites and websites.

By centralising all this data into a MAD, marketers can now access and have full visibility into all multi-channel campaign data including:

– Email Marketing data
– Paid Search data
– Paid Display data
– Landing Page, Microsite, Website data
– Social Media data (twitter, facebook, linkedin)
– Telemarketing data (customer service + support)

Why is this so exciting for marketers?

Well today, marketers are living in Excel Hell! They try to collect and collate multiple data sets in Microsoft Excel which are delivered to them by their multiple rostered agencies and or vendors.

With all of these data silios created how can marketers know which channels are most effective in driving leads, opportunities and ultimate conversions/revenue for their organisations?

With a MAD all of this data is centralised into one database where the marketer can execute digital campaigns from end-to-end including:

– Data Segmentation aka List building (Demographic + Behavioural) data
– Email, Form + Landing page creation & execution
– Data Scoring
– Data Nurturing (Drip based Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty Campaigns Campaigns)
– Data Testing / Optimisation
– Reporting & Analytics
– Integration into their CRM database for closed loop ROI reporting & analysis e.g. Salesforce.com, Netsuite, Microsoft, Oracle, Siebel, SAP,  etc.

Oh and P.S you need no IT involvement or support as the MAD is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) over a web browser 🙂 and payable by the number of records you have in your database.

I speak quickly, so there goes my 30 seconds 🙂

Also, we are holding the “DATA”‘ event of the year for all Digital Marketers and their Digital Agencies in Sydney in a few weeks time.

Email me if you’re interested in attending!

More: http://www.datarati.com.au

Real-time actionable data insights
June 30, 2009, 7:18 am
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How effective is knowing that a user from California referred from Bing abandoned their shopping cart with $283 of merchandise after visiting 12 web pages over 6 minutes if you have no clue why?

According to John Lovett, Senior Analyst covering web analytics at Forrester Research, “the problem [with web analytics] was that the complexity and inability to take action on the data largely inhibited success.”

The Kampyle – Google Web Analytics integration, solves the challenges associated with web analytics while providing the only website feedback solution fully integrated with Google Analytics API.

More: http://www.webanalyticsworld.net/2009/06/kampyle-introduces-stronger-integration.html

Search is a critical part of a telco’s online strategy – here’s why!
January 14, 2009, 11:06 pm
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A recent study by Compete and Google found that the majority of wireless phone buyers are researching online, and that attracting searchers has short-and long-term benefits.

There is a link at the bottom of this post to an online presentation of this data – which i recommend you watch.

The study found that 78% of consumers who made a wireless purchase used the internet for research beforehand, even though 94% of transactions are completed offline. This means that almost 12M consumers will use the web to research their purchase before buying from one of the Big Five carriers in Q4 alone, a finding with huge implications for the industry.

Search plays an important role in the research and decision-making process of online wireless shoppers, particularly high-value consumers. 24% of online wireless shoppers were observed using a major search engine to arrive at a wireless web site, such as a carrier site, handset manufacturer site, a wireless blog or community site, or an agent site like Amazon or Lets Talk.

As shown in the graphic, half of the searchers said that they had used search engines throughout the entire research and shopping process.

The research showed that searchers are more likely than non-searchers to spend more on their cell phones: 27% of searchers spent more than $100 compared to 20% of non-searchers. A likely result of their interest in high-end handsets, searchers may also yield higher ARPU over their contract periods, as shown in the chart below:

  • Searchers are more likely to use all types of value-added services on their phone every month
  • This high propensity to consume these services means searchers spend more on their wireless bills each month and may therefore have a higher lifetime value than non-searchers

The bottom line is that a strong online and search marketing strategy is extremely important for wireless marketers. Every company should be:

  • Investing in a strong web presence which will have a noticeable impact on decision-making for more than three quarters of your potential customers
  • Developing a search marketing strategy that caters to consumers at each stage of the research cycle, from brand building to comparison to driving conversion
  • Paying attention to searchers they may be higher value customers

Full presentation: https://admin.na3.acrobat.com/_a725968806/wirelessreplay/

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