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Come see us at Ad-tech 2010 in Sydney!

Come and see us at Ad-tech 2010! We’ve got something very exciting to show our fellow Australian & New Zealand digital marketers.

We will be demoing the world’s fastest growing marketing automation software solution which is used by digital marketers for trigger-based acquisition and retention campaigns.

400+ companies are now running all of their digital campaigns on this solution.

We will show you how you can use behavioural data for micro-targeting and as a result improve your campaign performance, conversion and ROI.

I will also be speaking at Ad-tech on ‘The First Steps with Data – Where are you now and where can you go next?’

Details here: http://www.ad-tech.com/sydney/session_detail.asp?refad=1&session=1327

Follow our tweets throughout this event: Twitter Hashtags will be: #atsyd #mktgcloud #datarati


Datarati at ad-tech 2010

I will be speaking at Ad-tech 2010 on Tuesday 16th March 2010 from 4:50pm – 5:45pm on the following topic:

“Firsts Steps with Data – Where are you now and where can you go next?”

  • Change management: understanding baby steps that you need to take to start your data journey
  • The five steps of data analytics: where are you now and where can you go next?
  • Determining the areas you should monitor closely: how can you most effectively gather those metrics?
  • Understanding the difference between numbers and trends: interpreting data for your business, your marketing, your campaign
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative analysis: competition or marriage?
  • What’s the ROI on data management, measurement and analysis?
  • How can data analytics service the demand for clearer ROI?
  • How do you get buy in for digital marketing metrics and what difference can it make to your advertising strategy

Other speakers on this panel include:

Leader: Oliver Rees, Managing Director, Torque

Will Scully-Power, Managing Director, Datarati

Simon Hovell, Consumer Marketing Director, Dell

Nicholas Adams, Director of Direct Marketing, Westpac Banking Corporation

Oliver Jarrett, Business Analyst, Roche Products

More: http://www.ad-tech.com/sydney/adtech_sydney_speakers.aspx?Spkid=2781

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