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What Data Mining Algorithms do you use?
August 16, 2011, 3:40 am
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Kaggle to host world’s largest data mining competition
January 21, 2011, 1:43 am
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Starting in early April, Kaggle will be hosting the world’s biggest-ever data mining competition – the$3m Heritage Health Prize. The Heritage Provider Network (HPN) is a network of affiliated medical groups and physicians that is dedicated to helping solve a critical issue facing the United States: how to improve the quality of healthcare while at the same time decreasing the cost of providing that care.

Kaggle is immensely proud to be providing the platform for this competition, which we hope will result in those most in need getting faster and cheaper access to healthcare.

If you haven’t yet tried entering a Kaggle competition, we strongly suggest you start getting involved, to start sharpening your skills and building your network.

There are four interesting and varied competitions on the site right now and by getting involved, you’ll learn a lot about how to compete effectively and may make some great relationships with other competitors, who you could team up with in the $3m prize.

More: http://www.kaggle.com

Data Discovery: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Neil Mason – Part I
November 23, 2010, 9:32 am
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In this session Neil explores the approach to insight generation through data mining and predictive analytical technologies.

Using real world case studies he covers the ins and outs of data mining analytics on digital data, which types of techniques can be used to solve which kinds of problems and some of the challenges that you will inevitable face along the way. Discover what your data can tell you if you ask it the right questions.

Data Mining Process and Predictive Analytics

In Part I (out of three), Neil discusses the difficulty of extracting signals from all the noise present in the overwhelming quantity of data we deal with nowadays. While we now have tools for free and the cost of collecting data is diminishing, Neil questions: “what do we do with all this data?”

He introduces other tools that can help us to address some of these challenges:

  • Data Mining is about discovering things we don’t already know. It is about uncovering patterns and relationships in data that we may not have already thought about.
  • Predictive Analytics is using that understanding to think about what might happen in the future; it is about applying those historical patterns to predict those future outcomes.

Neil goes over the Data Mining Process and the steps needed in order to implement it and, more importantly, to get insights out of it:

  1. Business Understanding: what problem are we trying to solve? What is the business trying to achieve?
  2. Data Understanding: do we have the data to be able to answer this questions? If not, what is the cost of acquiring that additional information?
  3. Data Preparation: all data is dirty and needs to be cleaned and transformed. This is the heavy lifting stage.
  4. Analysis & Modeling: the tools must be chosen based on what the business is trying to understand and the data available.
  5. Evaluate Outcomes: how well does the model actually works from a statistical point of view (significance) and from a business point of view (actionability)?
  6. Deployment: driving the insight into the business.

Watch Data Discovery: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Neil Mason – Part II

Watch Data Discovery: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Neil Mason – Part III

Neil Mason

Neil Mason joined Foviance as part of an acquisition of Applied Insights whom he was director and co-founder. With 25 years of in-depth industry experience in marketing analytics and strategy, Neil leads Foviance’s analytical consulting practice.This delivers an enhanced digital marketing analytics capability to both Foviance’s and Applied Insights existing and future clients.

Neil is one of the world’s leading analytics guru’s and he has a big reputation. He holds an MBA from Kingston Business School, a Diploma in Business and Economic Forecasting and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association, the global industry body for digital analytics professionals.


I think therefore I am a Flirtexter
June 20, 2010, 11:25 am
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On Friday night, I had the pleasure of meeting Debra Goldstein & Olivia Baniuszewicz, the two girls who are in Sydney from New York promoting their book called Flirtexting.

I have a feeling our mobile phone providers could be using this Flirtexting data to generate some pretty interesting insights and target us with relevant advertising.

This was certainly the hot topic back in February this year when the Datarati hosted Tim Manns ex Head Data Mining Analyst at Optus at a Sydney Data Miners event.

Our next event is being held this week on Wednesday 23rd at 6PM at the City Hotel.

For event details and FREE registration: www.meetup.com/datarati

How VISA can predict your divorce using your credit card data

If you ever doubted the power of the credit card companies, consider this: Visa, the world’s largest credit card network, can predict how likely you are to get a divorce.

There’s no consumer-protection legislation for that.

Why would Visa care that your marriage is on the rocks? Yale Law School Professor Ian Ayres, who included the Visa example in his book Super Crunchers, says “credit card companies don’t really care about divorce in and of itself—they care whether you’re going to pay your card off.”

And because people who are going through a divorce are more likely to miss payments, your domestic troubles are of great interest to a company that thrives on risk management.

More: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-04-06/how-mastercard-predicts-divorce/full/

Facebook data mining for credit card applications
May 5, 2010, 4:53 am
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Data mining is now one of the biggest minefields facing the young.

Party antics and examples of extreme behaviour posted for fun now on Facebook and other social networking sites are set to become ghosts that haunt individuals when they try to get credit, homes or jobs as adults.

That’s because lenders, employers and landlords are increasingly using complex data mining tools to capture all the publicly posted data we supply to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and any other social media network or blog to build data-rich profiles of our privates lives, internet privacy experts say.

More: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/the-terrors-of-twittering-growing-up-in-an-unexploded-data-minefield-20100505-u8rk.html

Want to be ahead of the curve?
January 20, 2009, 10:12 pm
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U.S. News and World Report’s guide to the best careers published this month lists data miner as one of a dozen “ahead of the curve” careers for 2009:

Data mining is a great career for people who would enjoy using statistics to unearth patterns in data, using ever more powerful software. Opportunities are particularly good if you also have business sense and the ability to tease out the information that bosses really want to know.

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