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Data Privacy Day 2010
January 28, 2010, 10:31 am
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Around the globe, people use powerful technologies and devices every day to improve their lives.

Businesses develop software, build hardware and provide services designed to enhance individual productivity, communications and safety.

We have come to depend on mobile communications, instant access to information, and intelligent services.  We are empowered by these technologies in ways that those who have lived before us could never have imagined.

Despite all of the benefits of these technologies, doubts and worries persist about just how much personal information is collected, stored, used, and shared to provide these convenient and pervasive tools and services.

Data Privacy Day is an international celebration of the dignity of the individual expressed through personal information.

In this networked world, in which we are thoroughly digitised, with our identities, locations, actions, purchases, associations, movements, and histories stored as so many bits and bytes, we have to ask – who is collecting all of this – what are they doing with it  – with whom are they sharing it?

Most of all, individuals are asking ‘How can I protect my information from being misused?’  These are reasonable questions to ask – we should all want to know the answers.

More: http://dataprivacyday2010.org/


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