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February 12, 2009, 8:56 am
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To my fellow Datarati,

This post is just a reminder for all of those of you who wish to recieve my blog content via email.

At the top of this page, simply click on the button that says “Subscribe via email to this blog”. It will send you a confirmation email so be sure to click on the link in that email to confirm your subscription.

Thanks and happy reading!



Come join DM agency of the year!


M&C Saatchi/ Mark are looking for seasoned leaders to drive the development of their client’s data marketing strategy and use of analytics to make informed marketing decisions.

These indivduals must be strategic thinkers with the ability to generate actionable customer insight based on metrics. They will be responsible for tracking key business metrics for online user behavior, email campaigns, sponsor campaign and feature performance.

The ideal candidates will be those who loves to use numbers to identify trends to make actionable recommendations. Successful candidates will offer a strategic perspective, sound business judgment, deep analytical capabilities, and a collaborative working style. They will possess strong intellectual curiosity, and a passion for achieving practical business impact.

Responsibilities Include:

Work with management to develop a comprehensive web analytic and effectiveness strategy and identify the appropriate measurement and data analysis infrastructure

Define, track, and report on key business metrics and customer behaviors such as feature penetration, user behavior patterns, site flows and traffic patterns to drive customer-centric decision-making process

Identify and measure key performance metrics for user behavior and marketing effectiveness (user growth, engagement, abandonment, campaign ROI, segmentation).

Track, analyse and optimise marketing communication (organic search, paid search campaigns, e-mail campaigns, display ad campaigns, buzz) from initial entry into the web site through to the desired action

Become a consultative resource for all teams within the company assisting product marketing, product strategy, and traffic acquisition through Web Analytics, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ROI

Provide continuous education and training, evangelising use of web effectiveness measurement throughout the company

Is this you and you like to party like this: http://www.hungover.com.au

Check out where you will soon be working: https://willscullypower.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/mc-saatchi-mark-preparing-our-new-home/

Send CV and Cover Letter to:

Will Scully-Power
Data Director
M&C Saatchi / Mark
(02) 9016 1682


M&C Saatchi / Mark preparing our new home!


It’s exciting times in 2009 with M&C Saatchi / Mark moving to a new home. From 131 Macquarie Street to 99 Macquarie Street in Sydney.

Stay up to date with weekly pics as they build our new compound one binary digit after the other.

Picture this: Huge flat screen tv’s on the walls with live feeds of our clients websites, the people that are on them, what pages they are navigating through etc.

Picture a trading floor in a bank – lots of big screens with lots of numbers. We’ll be running the same type of outfit – analysing and optimising advertising data.


I’m excited! Are you? Come work for us in 2009!

Who’s coming with me?


Come join M&C Saatchi / Mark in the data, analytics & optimisation team!
November 26, 2008, 3:05 am
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Are you ready to make your Mark?

We are on the hunt for data, campaign & optimisation analysts!

Come join our 70+ crew today and work on tier-1 brands including Optus, Qantas, Westfield, IAG and Woolworths!

Interested? Send your CV to:

Will Scully-Power
Data Director
M&C Saatchi / Mark.
or call me on (02) 9016 1682

Mark is looking for Data Analysts
November 18, 2008, 8:18 am
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We are hiring! Want to join one of the fastest growing data-driven advertising agencies?

We’re currently looking for Data Analysts to join our fast growing team!

Call Will Scully-Power on (02) 9016 1682

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